Metropol Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Belgrade


Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 69, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia   •  Weather:   

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Metropol is the short version of the ancient Greek word metropolis, comprising of the words meter–mother and polis-city. Nowadays the word is used with a wider meaning, as formulated by Ivan Klajn and Milan Sipka: "a city that is the center of public life or a certain industry (for instance a film metropolis)."

The Metropol Palace reflects this "metropolitan" soul in its forms and structures,  true historical jewel in this vibrant lively capital.

The group of architects who worked for this innovative and exclusive project

Originally built in 1950, The Metropol Palace was designed by Djordje Ristic to become the Home of the Central Comity of the National Youth of Yugoslavia. From the summer of 1949, until November of 1950, this building, from foundation to roof, requests the effort of the Youth Work brigades (15 brigades with around 18.000 brigadiers).

Its huge bulding was then considered too big for the purpose, and the architect Dragisa Brasovan came up with a new idea, the project of a representative and extraordinary capital hotel. The Metropol was completely designed in the style of the European moderna: Brasovan added the side wings, choosing only the best materials and personally planning even the tiniest details.






The Metropol Palace is under the patronage of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments. Despite the several renovations, the most important details of the interior and exterior are kept throughout the different eras of existence. The Fountain at the main hotel entrance, known as the Female Nude, is the perfect example of this historical track, as well as the the stained glass artwork on the facade, which has also been completely restored and returned to its original position.

Modern details and most advanced technological amenities provide a unique and stunning interior. The Metropol Palace exudes a sense of peace and comfort that instantly unwinds: the splendid selection of Suites, as well as stunning panoramic views of one of Belgrade's most beautiful parks makes Metropol Palace the luxurious gem of Belgrade. The Lobby, spacious and cozy, creates the sense of intimacy, assuring guests comfort and privacy.

The tradition of Metropol Hotel, from its creation, was to support art in all forms. Young artists were always welcome at the Metropol to present their new ideas and work, while acclaimed famous artist displayed their abilities in works such as the stained glass around the hotel and the fountain. Works of young artist from the entire region will find their place in this stunning interior, next to the restored famous artworks from before.