Metropol Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Belgrade


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The Metropol Palace conceals a glorious past made of illustrious meetings, prestigious personalities and unforgettable events. During the 60s and 70s, it was one of the most elite venues in Belgrade. 

Some of the most famous individuals of that period, such as Anthony Quinn, Brigit Bardot, director Vittorio De Sica, the king of Ethiopia Haile Selassie, chess master Bobby Fisher, and countless politicians, Nehru from India, Nasser from Egypt, Nicolay Ceausescu from Romania, Leonid Brezhnev from the former SSSR were regulars guests at the hotel.


During the Conference of the unaligned movement in 1961, there were 30 heads of state and over 3000 guests present at the reception held in Metropol. Throughout the years this famous and proverbial hospitality met at the Metropol Palace with fabulous melodies and armonies. Louis Armstrong, a jazz music quintessence, unlivened the Metropol with unique rhythms and genial accents, transforming every sound in pure art. Inspiration, dream, legend: glorious history was written, and the Metropol continues to offer nowadays the perfect atmosphere for the most extraordinary experiences.


In the luxury apartments of Metropol famous actors, such as Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Robert de Niro, studied scripts for tomorrows shoot, while the legendary Hitchcock forgot about his diet during the celebration of his movies success.

The guest book contains an incredible list of hedonism and indulgence, alongside the names of millionaires, presidents, musicians, actors, diplomats who resided at the Metropol Palace, truly cosmopolitan modern soul.


Elizabeth Taylor visited Yugoslavia on several occasions. The actors comes to Belgrade for the first time in 1958, and stays at the Metropol with her husband at the time, Mike Todd. The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was Tito‘s guest in Belgrade, not only because her movies were often played at the residence, but also because of her husband Richard Barton. As a film aficionado Tito personally chose Barton to play him the 1973. During the entire filming he closely watched how he would be depicted in the movie.


After the end of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro sent Che Guevara and an official delegation on a 3 months - 14 countries tour under the name: The Cuban Mission of Good Will. Che Guevara spent two nights at the Metropol. On August 12th 1959, a lunch in his honor was led by Veljko Zetkovic, a party official and famous NOR* fighter from Montenegro. Tito was especially fond of the young revolutionary. Aside from the views of world politics, they shared a passion for Cuban sigars COHIBAs.